Cuba 9: Laguna Guanaroca

I have a mane of hair, it’s ridiculous now. And in this heat...
Up early again for Laguna Guanaroca. Worth it. Flamingos, pelicans, herons, a hummingbird-type bird that wasn’t a hummingbird but something else.
We were rowed across the lagoon by fella who told us all he knew. Flamingos monogamous, stick together. Couples fly to Florida, have a chick and then the family returns to Cuba, probably the only Cubans that return. Young are white, get pinker with age. Saw a snake in the water with its head poking way up swimming along.
Then to Playa Rancho Luna for a swim and a splash and a read of me book while the young fella kept splashing and digging. Saw some clown wearing just shorts with a belt light a cigar and take a selfie of the deed as be emitted a proud puff of smoke. Where the hell are these people coming from?
Young fella didn’t notice. He didn’t stop once over four hours. He ran and ran and ran with infectious joy. Happy as a pig in shit, humming as he bustled and ran and splashed and dug. Hard to get him to leave but there’ll be more playas over the final days. The final days! :( They’ve been full days so far, we can’t cram any more in. Wonderful country, it’s gonna be so hard to leave.
Walked to end of Punta Gordo in Cienfuegos, tried counting stars, gave up. Saw ganseyload of bats flying around tree on way back, huge bats, flitting about, amazing. Tried taking photos but the fuckers were too quick.
Instead found a restaurant with prices that had us (me) wishing we’d found it before the last night in Cienfuegos. Mojito for 2.5 cucs. The milk was “brilliant, too good to eat it” according to the young fella. Paella for me. Queues outside when we were leaving of people waiting to get in.
Another early start tomorrow. I hope the witch flies away and leaves my back alone tonight.
3 mojitos.


  1. I've thought of a new name for your ridiculous mane: the Faheystack. :D

    p.s. The wee lad is growin' one as well.


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