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Berlin Marathon - Final Days

I got my number today. Only 19 days to go, it’s getting serious. I’ve been training as best as I can, and have so far avoided any major injuries. I also hope to avoid bike crashes before Sept. 16.
I ran 30 kilometers yesterday. It was a slog toward the end and I didn’t run further because of the injury-risk, but I’m grateful that I can walk today. Maybe I’m learning from bitter experience. I’ll do one more long run before the 42.2K of the Berlin Marathon.
This is all for MSF in Syria. I sure as hell wouldn’t be doing it otherwise. I’ve run 1,069K this year so far – in temperatures between minus 12 and plus 35 Celsius – in Madrid, England, in the Alps, Pyrenees, Massif Central, country roads of home and mean streets of Berlin. Of course I’m not finished yet.
I’ve been taking magnesium 500 tablets, Gelenk 1200 tablets, eating chia seeds like there’s no tomorrow, and have supports for both knees to keep injury away.
We’ve raised €805.34 so far. I hope we can raise more. I’m going to ha…

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