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The marathon's off. I'm just back from Dr. Ziesche, who I went to see because of a problem with my right foot. He examined it, told me it was overloaded, prescribed Ibuprofen, and told me to rest for three weeks.
The marathon is in two and a half.
“Forget it,” he said. “If you keep running you'll get a fracture.”
I don't want a fracture, nor the continued pain of running like this. I can't even walk without pain. I ran 12 kilometers yesterday and it was definitely a bad idea. The damage was likely done between the 30K on April 2 and 25.6K six days later. I'm no ultra-marathon runner :(
It's so frustrating as I've done everything right. I haven't had a drink (with the exception of St. Patrick's Day) since Feb. 17 – nearly 10 weeks ago. I'd been training diligently, increasing the mileage gently each week. I avoided bike crashes by using public transport. I don’t know what I could have done differently.
It's possible this injury is a han…

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