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Berlin Marathon - Get my back for Syria

I just realized I’m a professional athlete. I run for money. Every cent I get (and more) goes to Médecins Sans Frontières for their aid work in Syria.
This year I’ve run when it’s minus 12 degrees outside, I’ve run when it’s plus 30. I run and run and try not to get injured so I can run some more. I only stopped for 18 days in April when the doctor said I’d fracture my foot otherwise. It seems fine now.
So far, thanks to my legs and your kindness, we’ve raised €4,130 including proceeds from the Madrid and Dublin marathons last year. I’d really like to get it to €5,500 for running the Berlin marathon this year. Please help!
Though you don’t hear as much about Syria anymore – after being ignored for seven years of war it’s all but forgotten now – the situation there remains horrendous for people living in camps or attempting to return to their homes.
“With the blast injuries of civilians who have returned into Raqqa, it makes us fear that the remnants of war are nearly as dangerous f…

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