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Back from Budapest: And adventure's calling

Assignment completed, I’m home!
It turned out my final impressions of Hungarians were pretty close to what I thought about them in the first place. Many are weird and some are rude, but they can actually be quite warm and friendly once they get to know you or you become familiar to them. Their default setting seems to be to throw up walls in front of you, but then they tear them down to accommodate you once they see you’re not the monster they thought you were.
There, huge generalization out of the way. But they are weird.
One guy walked into a bar we were in. It was late, and he asked the barman if he had bottled beer.
“Yes, we do.”
“Great. I’ll have a bottle of beer please.”
“No, sorry, we’re closing.”
The barman must have assumed the guy was asking out of interest at 2 in the morning.
We had plenty of run-ins with security because they kept putting up fences and obstacles to prevent us getting where we needed to go at the swimming venue. They’d shout at us and yell at us as we proce…

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