Running for Syria

Me, your reluctant marathon-runner.
When I read Marie Colvin's last dispatch in 2012, of a baby with shrapnel in its stomach heaving its last heaves, of her desperate appeal for help that never came, I knew I had to do something. I'd like to have rushed to their aid, stopped the war, stopped death, dragged them out of there and told everyone doing the killing to cop the fuck on. But obviously it wasn't possible. She died, the baby died, lots of people have died.
I've seen things through social media I wish I could unsee. From a safe distance. The hell in Syria is unimaginable.
I run because I don't know what else to do. I actually ran the Madrid Marathon already, despite cruelly persistent injuries. I did it. It was quite easily the worst thing I‘ve ever experienced in my life. But we raised €2,700 for MSF's work in Syria.
Now I've signed up for the Dublin Marathon because MSF still needs help. I know anything raised makes a huge difference to people affected by the fighting in Syria, those who haven't been killed, the survivors, if you can call them that...
There are people who will somehow survive, even if they’ve no legs, no arms, if they’re disfigured, even if kids there have been dealt the worst shittiest hand life can possibly deal anyone. Life goes on. That’s why I’m running. Because I really truly believe everyone deserves a life without bombs and death, without atrocity and incurable despair. They do not deserve a blind eye.
MSF do incredible work, it’s awe-inspiring, humbling. Many doctors and responders have literally given their lives to do the work they do. Yet they don’t give up. And neither should we. So I run and I hope you’ll donate and tell your friends to donate, too. Thank you.


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