Running for Syria

UPDATE – One week to go, I’ll know then if I can do it or not.
Last Tuesday I went to the doctor because my arm’s still not right. He sent me for another MRI.
“Maybe you should have gone for the first one.”
There was nothing he could do for my foot.
“Go for it,” he said with a shrug when I asked about the marathon.
I ran a half marathon the next day, 1 hour, 49 minutes, an unsustainable pace in my condition.
I haven’t been able to train because of the pain in my foot. The bone is bruised. Every step hurts.
I’ve been cycling and not drinking beer and doing anything else I can to be ready.
But today I had to break off another run because of the pain.
Still, I won’t give up. We’ll see what happens next Sunday.
Please keep donations coming in the meantime. After all, this is all for people in Syria who have much bigger problems than I do…

I run for Syria. I ran the Madrid Marathon to raise money for medical supplies and aid for the country. It was the worst thing I've done in my life. But we raised €2,700 for MSF in Syria.
I signed up for the Dublin Marathon on October 29 because they still need help. Every euro raised makes a huge difference to people affected by the fighting in Syria, people pretty much ignored by the world.
That's why I run. It's not easy, but I've got support from my little buddy (pictured opposite), who encourages me in training by cycling alongside and shouting at me to go faster.
He's a great kid who has every opportunity open to him because he isn't living in a warzone. He and I both know there are other kids who aren't as fortunate. They don't deserve a blind eye. 
MSF do incredible work. Many doctors and first responders have literally given their lives to do the work they do. Yet they don't give up. And neither will I.
I'll run and I hope you'll donate to make it worthwhile. Thank you!

Latest update:

A huge thanks to Áine W, Síle Nic C, Leon P, Anne E, Dáire M, Jana S, Emma C, Adam L, Paul S, Rodrigo L, Mark R, Ian MacD, Jess M, Desmond O'D, Rachel P, Christina V, Beata GK, Marcela F, Tadhg O'S, Hilda H, Chris L, Dave R, Livia C, Gregory O'B, Patrick D, Siobhán D, Frank J, Monica C, Scott H, Michael W, Noddy N, Sonia M, John P, Gavin B, Marcy S, Elizabeth MacL, Ian F, Christopher H, Martin F, Katrin A, Alan SL, Stephan U, Philipp H, Geoff M, Andrea N, Jessica M, Ian O'C, Andrew W C, Julie DK, Padraig O'S, Eva W, Jen C and my parents for contributing toward the €2,700 raised through running the Madrid Marathon last March :)


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